Who We Are

Daniel Merrikin, a professional civil engineer with over 25 years of experience is the president of Legacy Engineering LLC.  Dan worked for Merrikin Engineering Company and then co-founded Merrikin Engineering, LLP with Richard Merrikin, who is now retired.  Legacy Engineering picks up where Merrikin Engineering, LLP left off, with the same location and staff.  Legacy Engineering’s main priority is to provide personalized and focused service to all of our clients in order to help them meet their development needs.


At Legacy Engineering, we offer a wide range of services

  • Development Concepts

    Developing or redeveloping a property is an involved undertaking. Regulatory requirements and environmental constraints are complex and vary considerably from Town to Town. These criteria determine development potential. We can help you navigate these complex regulatory processes and understand how they impact the value of your property.

  • Finding the Path

    Whether you are a homeowner or a developer, the improvement of property often requires site design services and extensive local, state and/or federal permiting. Legacy Engineering is well versed in these requirements. Tell us what you would like to do and we can prepare site design plans and permit applications. We will work on your behalf with local, state and federal approval authorities to obtain your permits. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of defending a permit appeal, Daniel Merrikin, P.E. is an expert witness available to work with your attorneys.

  • Getting it Done

    Whether you need recommendations for appropriate construction techniques or assistance working with site contractors, we can assist you. From construction kickoff, to troubleshooting those unexpected conditions that often arise during site construction, we can help. Once complete, we can provide the required inspections and asbuilt surveys necessary to certify to the approving authority that you have completed the work in compliance with your permits.


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